Military PCS Relocation



Military PCS Assignments



The Department of Defense (DoD) defines PCS as a Permanent Change of Station.  This is a permanent reassignment from one duty location to another, generally lasting one year or longer.  Military orders generally state whether a service member is being assigned for a PCS or Temporary Duty "TDY" Assignment.


PCS Entitlements


A military service member on PCS orders can generally expect to live in base or post housing, or off post (with command authorization) while receiving Basic Housing Allowance (Military BAH).  A Do It Yourself(DITY) move can usually be performed by the military service member, allowing them to be reimbursed at a rate close to what it would cost the government to pay a commercial mover.  Permanently assigned military may want to use their VA Home Loan Benefit to purchase a home.


PCS Rates & Per Diem


Military service members may receive partial per diem expenses upon arrival for house hunting.  Dislocation Allowance (DLA) is generally granted based on rank, which may authorize up to 10 days of a Temporary Lodging Expenses (TLE) to offset any allowable PCS Lodging costs.


Military PCS Moves & Re-Assignments


Most new duty stations will assign a "sponsor" at the new duty assignment.  This military sponsor is typically a permanent party soldier, sailor, airman, or marine who will assist with anything needed upon arrival at the new PCS assignment.  The unit sponsor can generally provide information regarding post or base housing, as well as local PCS housing options.




TDY assignments can last a few days to as long a six months in most cases.  Military PCS re-assignments generally last 1-3 years.  TDY status has some pay benefits, all of which vary based on the branch of service. While on TDY a military member may receive:


  • DoD Per Diem Rates (reimbursed up to a maximum nightly amount)
  • TDY Meals & Incidentals Per Diem (reimbursed at a flat rate)
  • BAH for their home base/home station (varies by location & branch)



Military TCS Assignments


A military TCS is a Temporary Change of Station. Typically for overseas assignments, a TCS has become more common recently based on overseas deployment operations. For example a member could be assigned PCS to Kuwait with a TCS to Afganistan/Iraq.


TDY Lodging Near Military Installations


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