Military TDY Assignments



What is TDY?



The definition of TDY is Temporary Duty.  The term is commonly used for short term assignments lasting a few days to up to 180 days, but varies according to Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, or Coast Guard regulations for each military service or government organization.  A TDY assignment can be extended beyond 180 days with authorization from the designated approval authority.


TDY Travel Orders


Your military orders will state whether you are temporary duty, TAD, TCS, or PCS to a duty location.  Additionally your orders should state the reimbursements or per diem that is authorized. TDY per diem rates vary by location, and include separate authorization amounts for lodging and meals & incidentals.  TDY Advance Pay may be authorized.  For more information about allowances read Government Travel authorizations & pay.


About TDY Lodging


We feature short term corporate lodging from hundreds of companies and individual housing providers. Temporary duty assignments vary in length, but typically last from one to six months, as opposed to a Permanent Change of Station. A permanent  PCS Relocation Move is typically one to three years long. Other common acronyms that may be associated with a TDY assignment include Temporary Active Duty (TAD) which generally refers to Reserve or National Guard personnel that have been activated, or a Temporary Change of Station (TCS) in which a service member has been temporarily reassigned to another duty location.


TDY Entitlements & Pay


The allowances stipulated in the Joint Federal Travel Regulations (JTR/JFTR) are applied uniformley to all services  and agencies within DoD.  Typically a Service Member on TDY assignment will receive per diem for lodging and for meals & incidentals.  Lodging is reimbursed up to the maximum lodging rate, and meals are paid at a flat rate.  Per diem rates vary significantly by geographic location.  For more information please visit our official DoD Per Diem Rates page.


MWR - Morale, Welfare, & Recreation


Most DoD military installations offer MWR facilities.  Army MWR Locations often share facilities when co-located with an Air Force Base such as Ft Bragg and Pope AFB.  This offers recreational events such as MWR tickets and job opportunities.  MWR Lodging is generally provided at most DoD installations for travelers interested in staying in a base lodging facility.


Military Base Lodging


Many DoD installations offer lodging on base.  Each military branch typically runs their own lodging program for short term travelers choosing to stay on the DoD installation.  Lodging facilities by branch are typically referred to as MWR Army Lodging, the Navy Lodge, the Air Force Inn, and Marine Corps Lodging MCCS Facility.