Based on your feedback and our experience, we have developed a list of Frequently Asked Questions and answers. Below are our current Top 10 FAQs.

Top 10 FAQs

  • TDY Definition. What Is TDY?

    TDY, short for Temporary Duty, is a term used by the Military & Government officials to describe short
    term duty assignments of a temporary nature.  While different from a PCS (Permanent Change of Station), a TDY Assignment typically lasts anywhere from a few days to 180 days. Read more about the Definition of TDY .
  • What Is TDY Lodging?

    TDY Lodging includes fully furnished house rentals, furnished apartments, & contracted extended stay
    hotels designed to provide the conveniences and comforts of home while on a temporary assignment. Most housing units come
    with everything you need for a comfortable stay including utilities, bedding, dishes, and many additional amenities.  Read more about  What We Do   and the mission of
  • Is TDY Lodging Strictly For Military Or Government Travelers?

    TDY Lodging includes all types of Furnished Lodging and Un-Furnished Apartments close to DoD Installations.  All of the TDY House Rentals, Apartments, Housing, & Discount Hotels listed on our site are available to the public.  Rates may vary slightly, as we are set up for the DoD Community and most rates on our site mirror the authorized Government Per Diem Rate  which is the Lodging industry standard rate for Government Travel based on annual surveys conducted at thousands of travel locations.
  • What Is Corporate Lodging?

    Corporate Lodging includes Furnished Housing to include House Rentals, Apartments, and Hotels.  Most Furnished House Rentals generally include all utilities and rent nightly or monthly either within or close to the GSA and DOD Per Diem Lodging Rates.  Search by destination for Furnished House Rentals .
  • How Do I Make A Reservation?

    Please browse listings either through the main search panel located on most pages of our site (also located on the Home Page ), or Find & Reserve Hotels & Extended Stays through the Hotels & Suites page.
  • How Do I Pay For Lodging While On A TDY Assignment?

    Most Lodging providers require payment in advance; therefore it is necessary to have funds available for
    the first 60 days of travel. The Government Travel Card can be an option; however because of the high
    cost of lodging, many travelers choose to accrue airline miles, cash back, or rewards points on a personal credit card.

  • Is A Lower TDY Lodging Rate Better For A Military Or Government Traveler?

    Not necessarily.  While it may mean less out of pocket cost up front, typically a higher Per Diem Lodging Rate  can mean better accommodations and additional Lodging options. You can't make money on Lodging Per Diem like you can on the Meals & Incidentals (M&IE) Per Diem.  Read more about the GSA Per Diem Regulations and definition.
  • Can A Military/Government Traveler Make Money On Lodging?

    No. Lodging is a "you get what you spend" plan up to the max per diem rate. The government will
    reimburse a traveler up to the max Per Diem Lodging Rate, unlike the Meals & Incidental Rate which is paid at a
    flat daily rate (where you can save money by eating under the paid meals rate and "make money").
    Example based on a Max Per Diem Rate of $120 ($80-Lodging, $40-Meals):

    Guest A
    stays in a Hotel for $50/Night:                   Guest A will be reimbursed $50-Lodging, $40-Meals.
    Guest B stays in a Furnished House for $80/Night:   Guest B will be reimbursed $80-Lodging, $40-Meals.
    Guest C stays in a Luxury Hotel for $140/Night:        Guest C will be reimbursed $80-Lodging, $40 Meals.
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