DoD Travel Information

Department of Defense Travel Information

TDY Lodging offers Defense travel options near major assignment locations.  If being assigned on official DoD travel, be sure to browse our nationwide defense lodging options including Washington DC, Tampa FL, San Diego, Norfolk, and 100+ major US Military Bases.


DoD Travel Rates


Whether traveling on temporary or permanent reassignment orders, we have lodging options at DoD travel rates for travelers needing lodging from a few nights to a full year.


DoD Travel Questions


Browse our FAQs below for answers and information on DoD travel allowances:  


What expenses are reimbursed for TDY travel?

According to the Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR)



  1. Rent of a Furnished House or Apartment Rentals
  2. Housekeeping fees or cleaning charges
  3. The cost of personal laundry/dry cleaning

How do I get a "Statement of Non-Availability"?

A military member on DoD travel may provide proof of non-availability in several ways. They may obtain a statement of non-availability or a non-availability stamp on their orders. They may self certify that government quarters were not available when they tried to make reservations or when they tried to check in. They must provide the name and number of the person they spoke to with their certification if they choose this method.


Do I need to stay in base or post lodging while TDY?


If government travel quarters are available, you generally must reside on base/post. However, because of the amount of TDY personnel assigned to most military installations, many installations do not provide long term quarters. Most DoD travel quarters are arranged by the lodging office through a Memorandum of Understanding are often not considered base or post lodging: this is done through an off base referral program. If there are no on-base accommodations, the military traveler may secure their own off base lodging, limited only to the local maximum GSA Per Diem Rates for reimbursement.


Am I on TDY or PCS assignment orders?


If unsure whether you are on TDY orders or PCS orders, it should specifically state on your official DoD travel orders issued by your personnel management branch.  If on PCS orders and residing off base you may receive a Military BAH Allowance.


DoD and Government Travel Information


For additional resources & links to official government travel websites for information on government travel reimbursement rates and the government travel pay process of filing travel vouchers for reimbursement through DFAS (Defense Finance and Accounting Service), the accounting firm of the Department of Defense, visit our Government Travel Information page to help answer any questions regarding your government travel assignment.