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TDY Lodging features hotels, furnished apartments, and corporate housing near military installations and government travel locations within per diem lodging rates.


Government Per Diem Rates


Federal per diem rates change annually based on the Government Services Administration (GSA) travel schedule.  Travel locations include most major cities nationwide within the Continental United States (CONUS) and outside the Continental United States (OCONUS).  Government per diem allowances are authorized based on the length of temporary duty (TDY) travel and can include partial TDY or full TDY entitlement for lodging, and a separate meals & incidentals allowance.




Government Lodging Rates


Official government lodging rates are based on per diem and vary according to the city surrounding each travel destination and assignment location.  The rates can even change several times throughout the year depending on the rates at seasonal and vacation estinations.  The government lodging per diem rate for official travel is based on Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) factors, for example rates in tropical vacation destinations such as Hawaii Military Rentals will be different than the government lodging rate for Washington DC based on the cost of lodging and meals for each travel location.


Per Diem Rate Query


The Government Services Administration and Department of Defense travel per diem rates adjust annually as a result of surveys to assess local hotel and lodging rates.  Based on the frequency of the per diem lodging rate changes throughout the year, government travelers should always verify the authorized per diem rate for the TDY location prior to making lodging reservations.  Official GSA Per Diem Rates reset every federal government fiscal year on 1 October.




Government Travel Information


For official government travel information including per diem lodging rates for a TDY location, check out our Federal Government Travel Information page with official links and resources including government travel regulations and maximum CONUS and OCONUS Per Diem Rates.