Great Property Listings

What Makes A Great Property Listing?

Great property listings include everything a traveler would want to know about your property.  What makes your property better than the competition?  Amenities...Price...Free Breakfast...Jacuzzi Spa?  Start with quality photos, a relevant description, and update your listing periodically with any promotions.


1)  Quality Photos


We recommend having professional photos (or semi-professional photos) to maximize property features.  A clean and streamlined look will always be more appealing to prospective guests.  Display the finest features first and ensure proper lighting for photos.  Make sure they're optimized for display on the Internet (newer cameras create a file size that may need to be shrunk to upload to a website).


2)  Accurate Property Description


Market Your Property. Put your best foot forward and actively market the best features of your property; Your photos will often make a first impression, but a concise and accurate description can be a great follow up to close a deal and attract a lot of attention to your property.


3)  List it at the Per Diem Rate or the BAH Rate


Listing your furnished property at (or below) the Federal Per Diem Lodging Rate, or at the Military BAH Rate for and un-furnished property will help to generate an interest in the property, as lodging and housing rates are capped for government or military service members.


4)  Update Your Listing Periodically


Check in on your property listing once a month.  Add new photos and modify your description.  Make sure all property details still apply, update your rate as needed, make changes and update your availability and contact information if needed.  Maintain your listing to ensure you are marketing your property as well as your competition.


5)  Property Maintenance


Make sure your property description accurately reflects your property condition.  Many travelers want to know what amenities they're getting before they arrive and will look at every detail of the property description; ensure property maintenance is performed routinely so guests will find the property in the condition described.


6) Promote & Market Your Listing


Do you have a website?  Link to TDY Lodging so potential guests can see more photos & information about your property.  Tell your friends and family about us.  Email them the link to your property listing.  If marketed properly with a quality description, your listing will appear in Search Engine results.


Get Listed on Featured Property Pages


The finest properties make it on our Featured Property Listing pages.  If a property is on one of our featured pages, it's generally a great listing.  Featured properties on our site include some of the finest properties near Government Travel Locations nationwide.