Government Lodging Programs



Government Lodging Programs



The Federal government has many lodging programs to coordinate travel reservations within the continental United States and overseas.  Some of these programs include FedRooms, Sabre Hospitality, the Lodging Success Program, and the Government Services Administration (GSA) Lodging program.  TDY Lodging is one of the fastest growing companies which offers the widest range of government lodging including hotels, furnished apartments, and interim housing.


About Government & Military Lodging


Government and military lodging will vary by location.  Federal government travelers generally must adhere to the GSA Per Diem Lodging Rate for a specific TDY Location.  Travelers must pay for lodging in advance and then file a claim with their travel department for reimbursement.  By paying for government lodging up front, travelers should have funds available through either personal funds (credit card), a government travel card, or through travel advance pay.


Government Lodging Payment Options


Government and military travelers generally prefer to pay by credit card because it can take several weeks or months (depending on the length of the assignment) to receive a full reimbursement of travel expenses including per diem for lodging and the separately authorized rate for meals & incidentals.


The Government Travel Card


The GSA government travel card program is available to some but not all military & government travelers.  If a government civilian or military member is in between units it may be difficult to obtain a government travel card because each government department requires certain accountability measures including an Approving Official/DAU (Designated Approval Authority) to monitor and approve all transactions.


Paying by Personal Credit Card


Many government and military travelers may prefer to pay for their lodging by personal credit card in order to obtain rewards points, airline miles, or cash back on all purchases including their lodging while on official government travel.  On occasion, travelers may pay by personal check or ATM-debit card, but because of the up-front cost of lodging, sometimes the ability to pay with immediate funds is not a viable option for stays of several weeks or longer.


Permanent and Temporary Assignments


Depending on the assignment, most government travelers will be on either a temporary duty assignment (TDY) or permanent change of station (PCS).  A TDY assignment can last anywhere from a few days to 180+ days.  All government travel falls under the scope of the Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR), and is subject to JFTR per diem rates.  When the transportation of household goods applies there are weight allowance limits.  See our Government Travel Resources page for more info on the JFTR regulations.


TDY Lodging Program


TDY Lodging offers the widest selection of individually owned and managed properties including hotels, furnished apartments, and corporate housing at military installations and cities nationwide.  Our government and Corporate Relocation often falls within the authorized government lodging rate.  Browse all of our hotels and short term housing options for your next assignment.