Military Lodging

Military Lodging

Military base lodging is available to official travelers at many major DoD Installations.  The military services operate and maintain their own lodging facilities on each installation.  The programs include Army MWR Post Lodging, The Navy Lodge program, Air Force Inns, and Marine Corps Base Lodging at temporary lodging facilities.  TDY Lodging offers off base lodging options for travelers preferring to stay in hotels, furnished apartments, and corporate house rentals for short term stays.

Army Lodging Reservations

Army Lodging reservations can be made through the Army MWR program which currently operates about 60 facilities at many Army Posts.  The Army Lodging Success Program accounts for a small volume of off post hotel reservations mainly in the Washington DC Military Lodging  region.  Army MWR Lodging may be an option for travelers not wanting to stay in a hotel or extended stay facility off post.

Navy Lodge Reservations

The Navy Lodge Gateway Inns & Suites facilities on base are operated by the Navy Exchange Service Command and reservations can be made in advance to stay in base lodging.  The Coronado & North Island Naval Station Lodge in San Diego, and the Norfolk Navy Lodge are two of the largest base lodging facilities.  Navy Lodge Gateway Inn & Suites reservations may be difficult to obtain without orders.  Reservations at a local hotel or extended stay may be easier depending on availability in the local area.  Browse our featured off base lodging options including hotels and apartments near 100+ Miltary Bases nationwide.

Air Force Inn Reservations

The Air Force Inn operates on many Air Force bases as the visiting airmen's quarters temporary lodging facility.  The Air Force Inns are sponsored by the Air Force Services agency much like the Army MWR lodging program.  When Air Force lodging is unavailable or if staying off base is the preferred option, we feature a wide range of per diem rate DoD Lodging nationwide and select locations overseas.

Marine Corps Temporary Lodging Facilities

Marine Corps base lodging and billeting reservations are made through the MCB Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLF).  On base TLF's are operated by the Marine Corps Community Services (MCCS) much like the Army MWR lodging and Air Force Services Inn programs.

Where to Stay?

The advantages of staying off base include better amenities, local restaurants or nightlife, and not having to pass through gate inspections late at night upon re-entering a military installation.  Military & government travelers may choose to stay in base lodging either by choice or if unable to obtain a Statement of Non-Availability (SNA).  Government travelers generally have the option of residing off base.  Search all of our featured properties and locations for your next assignment.  Browse featured Furnished Military Lodging off base.