Government Travel Resources

Government Travel Resources

Government travelers should research all lodging options prior to departing on a temporary duty assignment.  TDY Lodging features over 100 government installations as well as major cities with lodging options that include hotels, furnished apartments, and Corporate Housing within the government per diem rate.

Finding TDY Lodging

Government and military travelers have many lodging options available when traveling on a TDY assignment.  Lodging is generally available on every Army post, Air Force base, and Navy-Marine base.  Staying at hotels or corporate apartment rentals in the surrounding cities on the “local economy,” is also a preferred option for many military and government travelers.  While some travelers may prefer to stay on base, our lodging alternatives include hotels, Corporate House Rentals, and furnished apartments.

TDY Lodging Reservations

When making a reservation, travelers should do as much research as possible.  We recommend browsing all of our available lodging and contacting the property manager directly.  Travelers should also verify the allowed Per Diem Lodging Rate for the TDY location.  TDY Lodging features over 100 DoD installations nationwide.

TDY Travel Voucher Checklist

When traveling on a long term government TDY assignment (greater than 30 days), travel expenses are generally reimbursed after the first 30 days of travel and the DA 1351 Travel Voucher can be filed after the first 30 days of travel.  If a TDY assignment lasts only a few days or weeks, generally a final travel voucher must be submitted within 5 days of return to the permanent duty station.

TDY Advance Pay

Government travelers can always submit a TDY Advance to request funds prior to departure on an assignment through the local unit (generally the S-1 Personnel-PAC office or S-3 Operations office).  Once granted by the approval authority, an Advance Pay can provide a percentage of the estimated travel expenses before the traveler departs on their temporary duty assignment to allow the traveler to pay for lodging expenses upon arrival.

Joint Federal Travel Regulations

The Joint Federal Travel Regulation (JFTR) is the authoritative document which governs the rules for official government and military travel.  All government and DoD travel is subject to JFTR per diem rates and restrictions.  A traveler may be authorized transportation by Privately Owned Vehicle (POV) or Privately Owned Conveyance (POC), and there are Joint Federal Travel Regulation Weight Allowances where private transportation is authorized.  For more information see our DoD Travel Information page for CONUS & OCONUS information.