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PCS Lodging (Permanent Change of Station) lodging options are available at more than 100 DoD installations through TDY Lodging.  Browse our PCS lodging options if house hunting for a PCS move.  Our PCS lodging options include apartments and short term housing near every major military installation.


Permissive TDY


Military members are generally authorized Permissive TDY for up to 10 days in conjunction with a PCS move. If granted Permissive TDY, transportation or per diem is not paid, but members are not charged for leave. Permissive TDY can be requested anytime after receiving re-assignment orders. In most cases the Military member will arrive at a new assignment 10 days early for house hunting on Permissive TDY.


PCS Lodging at Hotels


When signing in to a new duty station and government quarters or housing is not the preferred option, be sure to check out our military and government Per Diem Rate Hotels as an interim PCS lodging option while you await base housing or locate housing off base. 


House Rentals & Apartments


We feature furnished house rentals and apartments as a PCS lodging option while military house hunting.  Our house and apartment rentals are individually operated at over 100 featured military installations.  Browse all of our featured all inclusive Furnished Apartment Rentals for your next PCS assignment while house hunting.


PCS Entitlements


PCS lodging entitlements differ from temporary duty (TDY) entitlements.  A TDY assignment can last from a few days to 180+ days, and a PCS assignment can last several years.  PCS lodging is generally authorized for up to 10 days when house hunting upon arrival at a new duty assignment.  Most services refer to this authorization as dislocation allowance or temporary lodging allowance (DLA & TLA).  Prior to relocating personnel should also check current Military BAH Rates.


Dislocation Allowance (DLA)


Dislocation Allowance (DLA) is generally authorized for up to 10 days when relocating a household due to a PCS move.  A PCS travel advance can be authorized to help with PCS lodging and travel expenses.


Temporary Lodging Expense


Temporary Lodging Expense (TLE) for PCS lodging is generally granted during a PCS move to offset the cost of meals and lodging when temporary housing is needed. TLE is authorized for up to 10 days and is only for Continental United States (CONUS) PCS moves. The TLE rate varies based on pay grade, number of family members, actual quarters cost, as well as the local maximum GSA Per Diem Rates.


Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA)


Temporary Lodging Allowance (TLA) is the overseas equivalent of TLE, and is available outside the continental United States (OCONUS). TLA is paid for up to 60 days for temporary lodging and meals after arrival at the overseas location while awaiting housing. Prior to departure from an overseas assignment, up to 10 days of Government Travel Allowances may be authorized for temporary expenses including PCS lodging.


DITY Move (Do It Yourself Moves)


Military members may find it beneficial to do a DITY move.  Military can be reimbursed at the rate close to what it would cost the government transportation office to pay a commercial mover to move household goods.  A partial DITY move is a move of part of the household goods resulting in partial reimbursement to the service member.


TDY Lodging Locations


Browse our PCS lodging accommodations near all of the major US Military Bases for short term or extended stay travel.