GSA Federal Per Diem Rates 2016

Federal Per Diem Rates

GSA establishes per diem rates for CONUS. The State Dept (DOS) establishes per diem rates for foreign locations, and the Defense Travel Management Office establishes government-wide per diem rates for OCONUS non foreign, e.g., AK, HI and US Territories.  GSA Per Diem Rates reset each Federal Government fiscal year on October 1st.


FY 2016 GSA Per Diem Rates


Current per diem lodging rates can be queried using the per diem rate calculator below. The rates will reset and adjust on October 1st of each calendar year. During the last update there was a per diem rate increase and decrease in some areas, while many government travel location rates remained flat or unchanged.

Per Diem Rates Query & Calculator

Search Per Diem Rates for lodging and meals below using our per diem rate calculator.  Process your query by city and state, or enter the zip code below.  As new rates are published, we will update the calculator.  Rates reset every federal government fiscal year on 01 October, the start of the new fiscal year.


FY 2016 Per Diem Rate Query:


Per Diem Lodging & Meals


The GSA government travel rates include a Lodging and a separately authorized Meals and Incidentals rate.  The two Per Diem Rate categories: Lodging & M&IE (Meals & Incidentals Expense) have a combined maximum per diem rate for each specific TDY Location.


Maximum Lodging Rates


Lodging is paid up to the maximum rate allowed (generally excluding taxes which are reimbursed as an additional expense), therefore a government traveler or military member can't "make money" on lodging.  For example if the per diem lodging rate is $100/night and a traveler spends $75/night, the government will reimburse the traveler at $75/night.  Meals are where a traveler can "make money."  We explain the per diem meals rate below.



Per Diem Meals & Incidentals


The per diem meals allowance is generally reimbursed at a flat daily rate regardless of what is spent. For example if a government traveler is at a TDY location where the per diem meals rate is $50/day and the traveler spends $20/day for meals, the traveler is reimbursed at the meals rate of $50/day and can therefore "make money" by pocketing the difference.


GSA Per Diem Mileage Rate


While TDY you can receive a per diem mileage rate reimbursement for operating your POV (Privately Owned Vehicle) or POC (Privately Owned Conveyance) such as a motorcycle. Current POV reimbursement rates are available on the GSA per diem rate website. A military or government traveler can file on an "In And Around Mileage Worksheet" while traveling from their lodging establishment to the place of duty by claiming the per diem mileage on their travel voucher. Rental cars excluded. A per diem mileage rate calculator can be located on the Internet for quick use to calculate per diem mileage for your DD 1610 travel voucher.


TDY Lodging Locations


Browse all of our featured US Military Bases, with short term accommodations near more than 100 bases at the DoD and government per diem rate for official travel.