Military Vacation Travel Discounts

Government & Military Vacation Rentals

Browse Military Vacation Rentals at popular destinations.  Our Armed Forces vacation rentals include house and condo rentals, hotels, and furnished vacation rentals that are military and government friendly.  All individually owned properties cater to Military Vacation travelers.

Military Vacation Home Rentals

Find military vacation homes for rent at top destinations.  Book a house on the beach or cabin on the lake.  Check out our featured locations and vacation home rentals for your Armed Forces off duty vacation.  Our Military House Rentals come fully furnished and are close to top travel destinations for the best vacation experience.

Military Rate Hotels

Find and reserve our military rate hotels and suites at popular destinations and vacation spots.  Our most popular hotel destinations include Hawaii, San Diego, Tampa, and Destin Florida.  Our featured Military Rate Hotels offer Armed Forces vacation club rates for off duty military members looking for a great vacation experience.

Vacation Rental Condos

Browse our Military Vacation Rental condos at some of the best locations.  We feature beach front condos in Hawaii, and furnished condos in Washington DC.  TDY Lodging offers condo rentals all throughout the United States and select locations overseas.  Browse all of our Military Vacation Condos for your next R&R retreat.

Featured Military Vacation Rentals

Looking for a weekend getaway or long term vacation club experience?  Browse our vacation destinations including Las Vegas hotels on our Nellis AFB Lodging page for an exciting weekend getaway.  What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas!

Armed Forces Vacation Club Travel

For a more tropical vacation destination browse our Waikiki & Oahu hotels, or Tampa hotels on our MacDill AFB Lodging page.  TDY Lodging offers some of the best Military Vacation Rentals for members of the Armed Forces and government employees.